A Glance about us


We are bunch of people who understand that the wedding is one of the greatest moment for almost everybody. We stand at your side, to blend in your special moment and come out with your most memorable picture. It is all about you not us!

Established in 2006, we have faced many challenges from our lovely friends, and based on those challenges.

We improve every second in life. Delivering your once-in-a-lifetime moments is really something for us.

Feelings, connections, and emotions are the elements you give to us, and we move it to your picture.


"We are bunch of people who need to fulfil our daily dose of passion in photography, design, and fun for sure"


It always good to be a daddy and a photographer. There is one similarity between a daddy and a wedding photographer, only one word, caring. Everybody love to be taken care of, no matter what and when, particulary in your special moment, pre-wedding or your wedding day. Everytime I stand and take a picture of my lovely couple, I always remember my family, the love of my family. I really know the feeling of love to have a family, and my client will have it soon. Once again we are talking about the wedding, a little step to enter the marriage life, and I always treasure my presence in that special moment.

 In 2005, the establishment of lighthouse photography which specializes in weddings commemorates the new beginning of my career. My motto is to always put myself in their shoes whenever I work with my clients. Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration, moments are there to be captured, and I always be there, blending in and always love to be a part of your special moment.


I am @damon_rizki / damon@menaralighthouse.com


"I believe in every single photo has a single word"


Photography is a world that can make me delirious, chasing moment like chasing dream of life.

Love to read, blogging, travelling, watching movies, and soto for happy stomach!

instagrammanic and twitter, you can reach me at @albertwirawan


Half time photographer, full time ninja


To be a photographer just need a half effort of a ninja... confuse?

Take a photo with me, than you will understand.